Son of God Review

So, I recently watched the new movie Son of God that just came out.

I thought it was alright. I’m a Christian so naturally I have to think that every Christian movie is amazing, haha, just kidding, no I don’t.

But it was alright, the acting was a bit cheesy and over-dramatic like usual in a Christian movie. But I felt it was really lacking in plot, now obviously it’s a story on the gospels, but I felt like they didn’t translate that to the screen very well. The movie wasn’t told as a narrative, just as if you were reading the gospels and imagining it in your head. So it wasn’t very creative in that way, not saying that I want them to make stuff up to make it a better movie, not at all. But I felt like it could have used a better story telling tactic. To me it didn’t seem much different from Mel Gibson’s Passion of the Christ, except it spans Jesus’ whole life instead of just his last 24 hours. Like the crucifixion scene looked pretty identical to Passion of the Christ, which is pretty understandable I guess.

Also, I wish they had explained the story a bit better too, I mean if I wasn’t a Christian and I watched it, I probably wouldn’t be able to understand why Jesus died and rose again, at least from what the movie said. I feel like if they wanted to reach non-Christians, which they say they do, it should have gone more in depth as to why Jesus did what he did, not just that he did it.

Well, those are my thoughts about it, but definitely go see it! It’s worth it

Oh, also, the table flipping scene was really disappointing. For those of you who don’t know, Jesus flips over tables in front of the Temple because they’re selling sacrifices, basically turning it into a business instead of a true, personal sacrificial offering to God. So the way I pictured it was Jesus getting super pissed and flipping all these tables over and yelling. But in the movie he just walked up to the tables and lightly pushed them over. I mean C’MON! It could have been so cool!!

I give this a 4/5 rating.

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