Westworld Remake

Has anyone heard of the movie Westworld? Or seen it? It’s an old 70’s sci-fi thriller.

west world

It was directed by Michael Crichton, the author of Jurassic Park, and many other famous novels.

I think it would be really cool to remake this classic. It’s about a futuristic amusement park filled with animatronic people as the entertainment. But of course, something has to go wrong, and one of the robots starts murdering tourists, sound kind of familiar? While coming up with the idea for Jurassic Park, Michael Crichton struggled with writing about another amusement park, fearing that it would be too much like Westworld.

Anyhow, I think Steven Spielberg would be the perfect director, obviously, to do a remake of Westworld. The editing and special effects of the original are due for an update, maybe one day!

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