Jurassic World 2!

A date has just been announced for the inevitable sequel to Jurassic World! We don't know what the title will be yet, maybe Jurassic World 2, or even Jurassic Park 5. But we do know that Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and Ty Simpkins will be returning, but Colin Trevorrow will not be directing it. … Continue reading Jurassic World 2!

Jurassic World Easter Eggs/Throwbacks

So, there was a lot of Easter Eggs/Throwbacks to the first Jurassic Park in Jurassic World, so I'll break down a few of them. In the beginning when they first arrive to the park, you'll notice that the nanny is reading Ian Malcolm's book, "God Creates Dinosaurs", while they're on the tram riding into the … Continue reading Jurassic World Easter Eggs/Throwbacks

Just saw Jurassic World and it was… (No Spoilers!)

It was awesome!!! So good! It was definitely worth the wait! I've been following news and pictures about this film for a year or so now, and I can say that it was definitely worth it! Just saw it tonight, early premiere. I didn't know what to expect exactly going into it tonight, I wanted … Continue reading Just saw Jurassic World and it was… (No Spoilers!)