Jurassic World Easter Eggs/Throwbacks

So, there was a lot of Easter Eggs/Throwbacks to the first Jurassic Park in Jurassic World, so I’ll break down a few of them.

god creates dinosaurs

In the beginning when they first arrive to the park, you’ll notice that the nanny is reading Ian Malcolm’s book, “God Creates Dinosaurs”, while they’re on the tram riding into the park.



Jurassic-World-parkObviously the music too, especially when they walk into the hotel room and look out over the park, that was awesome! People in the theater were cheering when that happened.


kids screamingThe scene when the I-Rex attacks the kids in the gyrosphere, there’s a shot looking down at the kids through the glass while they’re screaming is a direct throwback to the first film when the T-Rex attacks the kids in the Ford Explorer.




ruled the earthWhen they reach the Visitors Center and pick up the “When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth” banner that fell down at the end of the first film.



jurassic jeepWhen they find the old Jeeps. I thought it was a little cheesy or too easy when they changed the battery and drove the Jeep back to the main park, but it was still cool to see the Jeeps.


dennis nedryAlso, you’ll notice that the glasses that Lowery wore, the hero from the control room, are the same glasses that Dennis Nedry wore in the first film.









A big one was Dr. Henry Wu, one of the engineers behind the dinosaurs, who had a very small part in the first film. It turns out that he’s kind of a bad guy, just a little bit, and he escapes off the island with dinosaur embryos, I smell a sequel!


jurassic world teethjurassic park 2 teethDinosaur Teeth. Also, one of the only real throwback to The Lost World. 







claire 2Another little throwback was when Claire tied up her blouse and revealed a purple tank top, like the one Ellie Sattler was wearing in the first film, and when she told Chris Pratt and the kids to run.



And the red flare is reminiscent of the flares used in the first film to distract the T-Rex from the kids.









The T-Rex is also the same one from the first film, you can tell because she had the battle scars from the raptors from the end of the first film.





spinosaurusAn awesome one is when the T-Rex smashes through the Spinosaurus skeleton, a sort of FU to Jurassic Park 3 when the Spinosaurus killed the T-Rex.








t-rex ending2And finally, the T-Rex roar at the end, reminiscent of The Lost World San Diego scene

t-rex ending








If you can think of any other ones, comment below!

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