Jurassic World 2 Updates

Ancient Futures. We just got some more news about Jurassic World 2! The new "working title" of the production will be Ancient Futures. Don't worry though, that's not the official title of the new film. Productions usually give fake titles like that to throw people off if they see that title somewhere. Imagine if you … Continue reading Jurassic World 2 Updates

Jurassic World 2 Just Found Its Director!

Life uhhh, finds a way. The unnamed Jurassic World sequel just found its director! J.A. Bayona was just brought on to direct the next Jurassic Park film, which is being written by Colin Trevorrow. Bayona has two feature films under his belt, the Spanish mystery-thriller The Orphanage and tsunami disaster film The Impossible, looks like … Continue reading Jurassic World 2 Just Found Its Director!