My Favorite Movies of 2015

Top 5 Movies of 2015

Wow, this was a tough list to put together, lots of good movies out, some of the biggest blockbusters ever came out this year, and almost all of them are sequels, pretty crazy!

Well, here is my list of my favorite movies of 2015.

5 – The Martian

the martian 8

Coming in at number 5 is The Martian. I really liked this movie, a lot. It was funny, a little scary, dramatic, and super tense. It was very well made and the acting was great, Matt Damon was awesome as the main character. Even with all of the science it wasn’t boring at all, they did a good job in not overloading the audience.

4 – Ex Machina


Wow, this movie was crazy. I feel like people totally forgot that this movie came out in 2015 because I haven’t seen it on anyone’s lists, which is crazy to me. Now, I’ll admit it was a slower film, but never boring, it was definitely captivating. And that ending, did not see that coming, he got played!

3 – Star Wars


So much fun to watch, the effects were great and it was super entertaining, even if it wasn’t the most original plot. It’s the second movie of 2015 that I saw opening weekend that had crowds cheering when the theme song came on, that adds a lot to the experience for me, and probably made me like it even more.

2 – Mad Max


This was definitely a surprise hit. In a year of sequels, this definitely stood out as one that was way better than its source material. I’m not sure how they did it, but they managed to make a movie with minimal plot and dialogue and made it fun, tense and satisfying. Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome came out 30 years ago, and George Miller was able to bring back the mood and feel of the originals while making it 100 times better.

1 – Jurassic World

Yes, I know, you’re thinking “Jurassic World? Really? #1? No way!” Well, if you’re thinking that, you’re wrong, Jurassic World was an awesome movie, and being such the Jurassic Park fan that I am, I can’t not put this on my list. It was a fun movie, I don’t care what you say about the plot, it was great. It’s one of those movies that you see on opening night and everyone else is just as excited as you. When the theme song first comes on and everyone starts cheering, it’s a different experience.

Now, for some honorable mentions:

The Kingsman – Surprisingly good, super violent but hilarious

Inside Out – Good, but I think it was honestly a little over-hyped for me

Ant-Man – I love Paul Rudd.

Bridge of Spies – Well done sir, well done

Me, Earl and the Dying Girl – Super good, an emotional rollercoaster!

2015 Box Office Records

Like I said before, 2015 gave us some of the biggest box office hits ever, with 4 in the top 10 and 7 overall in the top 50

Star Wars hit spot #3 with $2.06B

Jurassic World at #4 with $1.6B

Furious 7 at #6 with $1.5B

Avengers 2 at #7 with $1.4B

Minions at #11 for some reason with $1.1B

Spectre at #40 with $880M

and Inside Out at #45 with $856M

Now, for movies that I haven’t seen yet that could possibly change my top 5 list

Sicario, The Revenant, Everest, Mission Impossible 5, The Gift, Spotlight, The Visit, Spectre, Creed, In the Heart of the Sea, The Big Short, Concussion, The Hateful Eight, and Spy

And the year’s worst film goes to…5 films!

Tomorrowland, Jupiter Ascending, 50 Shades, Aloha, and Pan

Couldn’t pick just one crappy movie!

What do you think? What were your favorites?

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