My Top 9 Favorite TV Comedies

So, I love TV, but who doesn’t right? I grew up watching TV, it was a part of my life, just like everyone else from my generation, the video game and TV generation. One of the things I love about TV that movies don’t have is the continuation of the story or plot line, or just the characters. Movies try that sometimes, but usually the sequels aren’t very good, there’s a few occasions, like Toy Story and Shrek, just to name a few. But anyway, TV gives the writers more freedom to keep the characters and plots going, while also keeping it fresh and new every week. So while movies get to tell a story in 2 hours or so, TV shows can tell almost the same amount of story in 21 minutes, which is impressive. Mostly because the dialogue and plot development are much faster and they don’t waste any time in TV shows getting to the action or the main point. The one downside of that is it’s affect on people’s attention span, which has gone increasingly downhill, as you can see with today’s media and technology, everything has to be faster and easier! So TV is kind of an alternative to movies in that way, also it doesn’t require you to leave your house. Well, given that information, I will now tell you my top 9 favorite comedy TV shows!


Numero 9. Modern Family

Cleverly written and unique, the family sitcom just got smarter. The best part of this show is the interactions between characters. I love Phil and Luke’s relationship, Phil and Jay’s relationship, or lack there of, and Manny and Jay’s relationship. They’re all so dysfunctional, but in the end they’re always able to work it out. That’s another thing that I really like about this show, is that at the end of every episode it wraps up nicely and every character learns something. The thing that stands out about Modern Family is that it blends witty humor, current themes, relationship humor and slapstick humor all in one, and it works well. My favorite character is between Luke and Phil, I really can’t choose one, they’re both too good! Why? Because Phil is hilarious, he’s a man that thinks very highly of himself, but at the same time is very self conscious and especially cares about what Jay thinks of him, always trying to impress him. I think he feels a bit guilty and nervous about being Jay’s son-in-law. But above all else he really wants what’s best for his family, even if he’s completely oblivious and slow. Luke, don’t get me started on Luke, okay I will anyway, he’s the perfect example of a young boy who’s been hit one too many times on the head with a baseball or basketball. His views on life are simple, and that’s probably because he’s pretty simple. I think every line that he stumbles out is pure gold, and hope that I’ll have a kid one day that is that funny, just without the stupid part… But the main reason I can’t pick between Luke and Phil is because they’re a pair. Without one, the other isn’t as funny. Phil is at his comedic best when Luke is around, and vice versa, because they feed off of each other’s stupidity. Modern Family makes my list because of it’s creativeness and ability to span a diverse audience, every character represents a people group or stereotype.

modern family









Number 8. MXC

Ok, so this show is hilarious. Originally it was a Japanese game show from the late 80’s called Takeshi’s Castle, then Spike TV took it in 2003 and dubbed over the show and created it’s own show basically. From what I’ve heard, MXC is completely different from the original show. MXC is a game show where contestants go through obstacles and games to win prizes, with two commentators, Vic Romano and Kenny Blankenship, who make jokes throughout. In the original show, Vic was actually a count of a castle, and his name was Takeshi, and the obstacles were actually set up by him to keep the armies out (the contestants). The armies were lead by Captain Tenneal, or General Tani in the Japanese version. MXC makes my list because I find it hilarious, I can’t watch an episode and not laugh. It’s so witty and there are so many puns, I can’t even handle it! Go watch an episode on YouTube right now and tell me it’s not funny! The commentary is so good, whoever wrote those scripts is hilarious and deserves recognition for that! My favorite games are definitely Log Drop, the Rotating Surfboard of Death, Sinkers and Floaters and Wall Bangers, whats yours?

MXC made my top list because of it’s humor, wit, creativity and all around ridiculousness.

mxcguy ledouche sinkers and floaterslog drop


7. It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

These people are jerks. Just plain mean people, but they’re also so stupid, which makes it hilarious. They’re always out to get someone or something, and they always mess it up. They usually end up messing with Dee or Cricket. Sometimes I even feel a bit sad for the people that get screwed over by them, but then I remember that it’s just a TV show. My favorite characters are Charlie and Frank. My favorite part of every episode is whenever Charlie screams. I couldn’t picture anybody else playing his role, perfectly cast. He’s the dumbest of the dumb, totally uneducated, gets stuck doing Charlie-work, because he doesn’t know any better. And Frank, played by Danny DeVito, is just gross, every episode he seems to get worse and worse, but that’s what makes it funny. This show makes my list because of how stupid the characters are and how they always seem to mess up their own schemes because of their downfalls.

its always sunny2 charlie
















6. Seinfeld

I grew up with Seinfeld, along with most of you probably. It was my dad’s show, and since it’s on TV every single day on like multiple channels it’s pretty easily accessible. Seinfeld was a breakthrough at the time, a show about nothing? That won’t work, I mean come on. Too bad it was one of the most popular TV shows during the 90’s, and probably of all time. It’s one of those shows where everyone knows, and can quote the extra popular ones, like the Soup Nazi, everyone knows the Soup Nazi episode, No soup for you! Or the Puffy Shirt, or the Nose Pick. Seinfeld makes my list because I can still remember all of the episodes, and so can everyone else, making it easy to talk to people about. Also because of Kramer, that’s everyones favorite right? Or George.




















Ok here’s the final 5! Get ready!



5. Police Squad

I just found out about this show recently, like within the passed 6 months, and I love it. It was a short-lived 80’s comedy, it only had 6 episodes, but a few years later they made a movie out of it, you’ve probably heard of it…it’s one of my favorites…The Naked Gun! That movie is hilarious too, but I’ll talk about that movie later. Police Squad is so funny, it’s so over-the-top, every joke is pushed to the max and drawn out. I love it because it’s so random, and I love random humor. This show makes my list because of it’s originality at the time and how often and long it makes me laugh when I watch it, and even when I think about the episodes later.


police squad 2














4. Adventure Time

Ok, so this show is technically a “kid’s show”, but most of you who watch it would agree with me that it’s definitely not appropriate for kids. That being said, I’m pretty sure the target audience was suppose to be/should be college age and young 20’s. I think it could have a huge market for that, I always said it should move to Adult Swim instead of just Cartoon Network. I think this show is really funny, the voices and the animation are my favorite parts. The animation can get super weird though, and frankly kind of gross…like Earl of Lemongrab’s kingdom, so nasty, haha. The voices are always so funny though, Lumpy Space Princess, Turtle Princess, Tree Trunks, but I think my favorite is a tie, like many of my opinions…between Earl of Lemongrab and Peppermint Butler. Scratch that, Earl of Lemongrab is the best, I can’t even imitate it slightly. If you can, please post a video of you doing it on YouTube, I’d love to see what someone looks like screaming in his voice. Anyway, this show makes it on my list because of how funny and random it is, and Finn and Jake’s strong friendship, a good example of a strong male friendship, I guess.

finn and jakeadventure-time
















And the final three! Drum roll please!




3. The Office

I pretty much got my identity from The Office. This was the show to watch when I was in High School, and when I realized that I look like Jim Halpert, with the hair parted on the side and the infamous shoulder shrug and turn to the camera, it totally boosted my self esteem. I love this show, but I’ll have to admit, I didn’t watch the last few seasons. I watched up until 5 probably, but up to that point it was brilliant. Michael, Dwight and Jim have a relationship like no other. They all think that each other are ridiculous and don’t respect one another. Michael thinks Dwight is annoying and stupid, Michael actually likes Jim though, Dwight hates Jim and thinks he’s stupid, Dwight likes Michael, but only so he can take his place one day, and Jim doesn’t respect either one of them. It’s a hilarious trio that you don’t see anywhere else. I think it’s funny that the idea was originally from Britain, but ours turned out way better. I also like that a lot of the crew members are in the show, Angela and Kelly are both writers, and Ryan the temp and Toby are both producers. Anyway, this makes my list because of the comedic relationships and unlikely beginnings.

dwightthe office














2. Arrested Development

If you haven’t seen this show, you must, it’s one of the best ever. It’s one of those shows where you have to watch from beginning to end though, but luckily it’s only 3 seasons long, or more like 2 and a half, it was cut way too short, so it wouldn’t take too long to watch. I feel like it could have gone on forever though, probably still to this day. But alas, it did not. Another show that was ended in it’s prime, except the way-too-late 4th season that was pretty disappointing to be honest. Anyone who knows the show will agree that Tobias and G.O.B. are the best characters. Tobias is an absolute riot, everything he says is ridiculous. “I’m afraid I prematurely shot my wad on what was supposed to be a dry run, if you will, and now I have somewhat of a mess on my hands…” “Tobias, there are so many poorly chosen words in that sentence.” And how he joins the Blue Man Group on accident, thinking it was a support group for depressed people. I love how in every episode every character story winds it’s way together to meet in the end, every time. Each character is so unique too, I don’t think I could compare any character to one from another show, they’re just too original. Anyway, this show definitely makes #2 because of it’s hilarity and uniqueness, it’s originality of characters and brilliant writing.

arrested development















And numero uno!!!!

The Simpsons!

Yep, that’s right, The Simpsons! The longest running TV show, sitcom and animated TV show ever! With over 500 episodes and on it’s 25th season, it would be hard not to put it at #1 on any list. I grew up with this show too, this is where I get most of my humor from. A lot of people my age said that their parents wouldn’t let them watch the Simpsons growing up, and that’s a shame, I don’t think it’s that bad, especially by today’s standards, but maybe back then it was different. But I loved this show because of what it did for TV, it was pretty much the first animated primetime show, no other animated show rose to those ranks at that point, and it was Fox’s first hit at that point in 1989. Now, as most of you probably feel, my favorite seasons were 4-13, and to be honest I’ve really only watched up until 15 or so, then I got tired of it. It started to go downhill, just like other TV shows that have been on air for a long time, they run out of ideas, jokes, they have new writers every season so it’s not the same type of humor, things like that that change it from what I remembered it being back in the day. It’s a shame too, because it was so good for so long, always cracking me up. It’s the best when a friend has also watched it from a young age and we can quote it non-stop, a true connection right there. But this is easily my favorite show because I grew up with it and the jokes still hold true today, and it’s made me who I am pretty much.

















Well, that’s my list guys! What do you think? Do you agree? Let me know!


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