It looks like Steven Spielberg has another big blockbuster on his hands, surprise!

This time it’s another Michael Crichton story, his last, in fact. Before he passed away in 2008, Crichton was working on a novel entitled “Micro” that he actually never finished. The publishing company hired Robert Preston to finish the novel and give it a title and it was published in 2011.


The story is about a group of graduate students that are invited to an island to meet with a bio-engineering company called Nanigen, kind of sounds like InGen right? Well of course they’re an evil company and once the students find out, they’re shrunk down to bug-size and have to survive the jungle.

It sounds promising, and in Steven Spielberg’s hands, with DreamWorks and Universal backing it, it could be an awesome summer thriller.

There’s also been speculation about merging the storyline into Jurassic World, and continuing the Jurassic name with a totally new adventure. I don’t know how I feel about that though, we’ll see though as the film continues to develop!

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