2 new jobs!

Wow, God is so good! Yesterday I got 2 interviews! For FILM RELATED jobs! Finally! The first one was for a film internship with Existence Church in Miramar. It seems pretty cool, the point is for people that are passionate about film to grow in their skills and talents. I’m really excited about that, and for the connections and networks that it will provide too. The second was for San Diego 6 news, for a studio crew position. That went well too, and they asked me to come in for a 2nd interview, which I’m doing tomorrow. But my friend that hooked me up with the position said that because of my kpbs and sdsu experience, I pretty much have it, so that’s exciting! Hopefully I can quit both SeaWorld and Woodstocks!! Or at least just SeaWorld, the idea of that is so exciting! Haha, I can’t take much more of SeaWorld!

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