SeaWorld and Woodstocks

So, I just got a new job this week!

Woodstock’s pizza near SDSU. Today was the first day of training, I learned how to make pizza, which was fun. I have to get the “spinning the dough in the air” thing down though, looks fun. The people there seem pretty cool, all college students, all have sailor’s mouths too, that’ll be fun, haha. It seems like a pretty relaxed place though, nothing like SeaWorld, thank God! I’m really tired of SeaWorld, it’s full of a bunch of ASSISTANT, key word, supervisors, who are on super power-trips, and then a bunch of old crabby ladies who don’t have grace or patience for anyone. Not much fun, and I’m getting about 15 hours a week, which isn’t cutting it.

But at Woodstock’s they’re paying me $1 an hour less, which totally sucks, and so if I quit SeaWorld for Woodstock’s, I probably wouldn’t get over 30 hours, which, when added up, is less than $1,000 a month, which isn’t enough. But at SeaWorld I’m getting way less than that, about 2/3rds. So somehow I might have to balance both jobs, which will be tough, since stupid SeaWorld changes every week, so we’ll see, maybe I’ll have to split my weeks in half, like Monday through Thursday at Woodstock’s and Friday and Saturday at SeaWorld, we’ll see. I get most of my hours at SeaWorld on the weekends anyway.

On another note, I’ve found some pretty cool places to apply to, like Existence Church. I also filmed author Bob Goff last week, hopefully some cool opportunities. All People’s Church paid me for the movies I made for them, which was awesome! And the SD Rescue Mission is paying me too! I’m starting to film more weddings with Cloudbreak Films, so hopefully all of these film opportunities will start overtaking SeaWorld and Woodstock’s, and I can quit those 2 and focus only on film. One can only hope!

This is a long update, but I’m also really trying to figure out my passions, like what am I actually passionate about? Not really sure, I’m thinking of trying to volunteer at the Rescue Mission? I won’t have much time though with 2 jobs and film stuff on the side.

Alright, I’m done for now, I’ll update again soon! I’ll put up some of my recent videos

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