Eating Healthy

I’ve been realizing more and more the older I get, it’s hard to eat healthy.

Now, I’m not old by any means, I’m only 23, I mean at my last job they use to make fun of me for being the youngest one there. However, I’m not 19 anymore, and my stomach and body can’t handle eating carne asada fries at 2am any more, which sucks, because I use to love doing that.

It’s weird, I feel like within a period of about a year or so, my body has changed a lot. Recently my stomach has been more upset than it used to be. For the past month my stomach has been upset or hurting in some way, and it seems more and more that it might be because of my eating habits (See my recipe posts, haha).

And because of my current health issues, however serious they are, I’ve been more health conscious.

It’s hard to eat healthy though, I mean c’mon, it’s expensive, it takes more work to make, it requires more thought.

If you think about it, in our society in America, it’s the easiest thing to eat unhealthy. Almost every block there’s a McDonald’s or a Wendy’s or something like that that’s tempting you to pay $2 or $3 to get a full meal, usually at any time you want, and with the drive-thru, it’s even easier, you don’t even have to get out of your car, haha. But with the accessibility and low price of fast food, you’re almost making a bad financial choice to not buy it. Your stomach, however, probably wouldn’t agree.

When I was a freshman at SDSU, I lived in the dorms and had a mandatory meal plan, where they would give me a certain amount of money each day on my student ID card so I could eat, which makes sense. I mean, there’s no kitchen in the dorms, no one has the money to go off campus every day, or if they do, they won’t have it much longer after they blow through all of their money first semester, and more importantly, no one even knows how to cook at that age anyway. But back to my point, the only restaurants on campus that would take a meal plan card were fast food chains, like Panda Express, Rubios, Sbarro Pizza, and it would get so old so fast. There were a few healthier choices, like a build-your-own salad place, but it was so expensive that it would waste almost your whole day’s allowance in one meal.

I guess my point is that it’s so easy to eat unhealthy, and the motivation to start eating better doesn’t come until later in life. Stomach, fitness, energy, money, I think all of those things play into starting to turn your diet around, but you have to really want it.

Think about it, which is easier to make: frozen chicken strips and fries, or a quinoa salad with radishes, kale, brussel sprouts, legumes, and other vegetables, regardless of which sounds better to you. Yeah, the frozen food is way easier to cook, all you do is heat the oven, throw in the chicken for 15 minutes and bam, a delicious hot meal. But with the salad, you have to cook the quinoa, slice and/or peel all of the different vegetables or whatever else is in there. I guess my point is that I wish it were easier to eat healthy, or cheaper, or more practical, I don’t know, this was kind of a random rant, I kind of lost my point while writing this, oh well, haha.

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