New Adventures and Plot Twists

Well, I’m out of a job now, that was a shocker.
One morning I went in to work and they said we were all laid off, done, didn’t even have to finish our day at work. So I left at 10am after saying goodbye to everyone and headed straight for the beach.

I sat there on a bench, overlooking the sand and waves, and prayed and processed.
Did this really happen? Am I out of work for real?
I’m about to get married in 2 months, this wasn’t supposed to happen, this isn’t part of the plan, what’s going on God?
After talking to both of my parents I went home and relaxed for a bit. I didn’t know what to do, does anyone?

It’s a weird feeling, being kicked out of a building that you were so loyal to.
It feels like I’m a kid again, or at least just younger than I thought I was, or was acting.
I thought I was this mature adult with a mature adult job with a mature adult paycheck. Not anymore, now I’m just a kid hanging around at home.
You know, I always kind of joked that it would be nice to be home all day to get stuff done…well now it’s not a joke, and I guess I got what I wished for.

But on the brighter side, maybe now I’ll have more time to make videos, write scripts, look in to what I really want to do.
I felt like that’s what God was saying as I was praying this morning.
I always said news wasn’t a career for me, just a right-now kind of a job, and I was going to think about what I really wanted to do amidst that.

But now I feel like God kind of gave me the boot so I could actually focus on what I wanted to do.

“Well, you said you wanted to find out what you really want to do, now you have all the time in the world.” – God.

I guess I wasn’t being proactive enough in trying to figure out what it is that I really want to do in life while I was working 9 to 6 and getting a steady income, weird how that works.
You become complacent somewhere and then all of the sudden your old dreams and aspirations kind of go out the door.

Well, it’s time to start dreaming again…

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