9 to 5

This is a short film that I came up with while pondering what to do with my life.

Have you ever been asked what your dream job is? Or what you’re passionate about? Our generation is obsessed with finding your passion and not settling for anything less, but we’re slowly finding out that we don’t always get what we want and sometimes we need to make practical choices that aren’t necessarily what we set out to do.

I filmed this all by myself, just set the camera down and got ready for work, basically. I wish I had someone to film it, or someone to act in it actually, so I could have done more with the cinematography, although I am pretty happy with the way it turned out anyway. I took a lot of the color out of the shots to give it more of a bland and stale feel, like a desk job, if you will. My friend Scott Henderson did the Interveiwee’s voice and I was forced to do the Interviewer. Anyway, enjoy!

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