I just directed my first short film! Written by Gabriel Lee, it’s a comedy about 3 friends who have a miscommunication of sorts and land themselves in a pretty intense situation! Take a look!

Directing this script was a lot of fun, a little stressful but fun. We had a very limited crew and budget, so I had to act as Director, Cinematographer, Camera Operator and Producer, Gabriel Lee was the Writer, Producer and Sound Recorder, and Kaia Jones was the Script Supervisor. It was an exhausting day, but a short day at least, filming only took us 4 hours, in part because the actors we chose were perfect for their roles and they connected perfectly with each other. We cast Paul Stanczak as Brandon, the driver of the car, Jeff Armstrong as Allen, the friend who accidentally put them in this situation, Keanu Rivera as James, the unhelpful 3rd friend in the backseat and Scott Henderson as the undercover cop.

It was a lot of fun so be expecting more shorts from us!