Jurassic World 2 Plot Updates

So some news just came out about Jurassic World 2, and it's pretty exciting! Well, not all of it is exciting, Chris Pratt¬†will not be the lead! Sad day! He'll still be in the film, but it looks like Claire Dearing will be the new lead, and this time she won't be wearing heels! It'll … Continue reading Jurassic World 2 Plot Updates

New Jurassic World 2 Plot Details!

In a recent podcast for Jurassic Cast Podcast, Jurassic World Director Colin Trevorrow¬†talked about possible themes for the sequel, coming out in 2018. In the podcast, which you can watch here, Colin says that Jurassic World was somewhat based off of Ian Malcolm's line in the original Jurassic Park, "You stood on the shoulders of … Continue reading New Jurassic World 2 Plot Details!