Interstellar, not worth the journey?

So I’ve obviously been following all the news about Interstellar for these past few weeks, and finally today, Rotten Tomatoes and Flixster released the critic’s review score, which has been fluctuating all morning. It started out at a poor 64% but has since risen to a modest 75%.


I was hoping for much more, however, considering that most of his films have been well into the 80% and above rating, with The Dark Knight at a confident 94% and Inception at 86%.

the dark knight

But these of course, are critic reviews and not user reviews, which tend to be much higher for most movies. For instance, even though Inception came in at 86% according to critics, it has a 91% from users.


So I still have some hope for Interstellar, even though I was pretty disappointed and frankly a little let down when I saw the 64% this morning. I had really high expectations, I watched the trailers over and over again.

I also started to read a review from another website but stopped myself after the first sentence, as I realized that it might spoil the movie and plot for me, as well as affect my perceptions of the movie before I even walk into the theaters.

But there is still some hope that when it comes out in 2 weeks that the ratings will go up, because I really want this movie to be good! Like really good. I want to see it opening weekend and you can count on a review coming up shortly after that!

2 thoughts on “Interstellar, not worth the journey?

  1. WoW! I hope it’s a good movie. I’m looking forward to it as well. There’s a good team assembled for this film. I’m split between watching this one and Big Hero 6, so depending on which one gets the better reviews, I’ll go watch over the weekend. (And probably watch the other one on discount Tuesday)

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