Big Hero 6 Review

So, just sbig hero 6aw Big Hero 6, it was actually pretty good. I went in to the theater expecting that though, since it’s getting such high ratings, 94% from users.

It didn’t necessarily introduce anything new, or was it very original. It was about a punk kid, Hiro, that’s involved in underground robot fighting until his older brother convinces him to put his inventive mind to good use and become a real engineer.

In typical Disney fashion, a bad guy presents himself to buy the robots that Hiro invented, but he refuses, and the bad guy walks away, but you can tell he’s up to something. And in typical Disney fashion, someone always has to die…I won’t tell you who…

So Hiro has to get a gang together to defeat the bad guy, and chooses his brother’s nerdy college friends, or rather, they choose themselves. And along for the ride the whole time is Baymax, a big white medical assistance robot who was his brother’s invention, slowly becomes Hiro’s best friend.

So it wasn’t a super original idea, but it does have a good plot twist at the end, and I enjoyed the characters, especially Fred and his fighting costume.

big hero 6 baymax

It’s a fun adventure movie, and I thought that the animation was great. The hair looked natural, which is the hardest part to animate, and I thought the action scenes looked great as well. My favorite animation scene was when they travel through a portal into another dimension, the colors and animation looked amazing, it kind of reminded me of Interstellar. Also, Baymax sort of reminded me of TARS from Interstellar, a robot who is built to help and support humans. The difference is that TARS has a humor and a sarcastic program, whereas Baymax did not, and didn’t understand expressions and jokes, which was also funny.

Anyway, Big Hero 6 was a pretty good movie, even though it wasn’t super original or anything that I haven’t seen before, it’s still sweet with a touch of humor, a Disney trademark really. I’d give this film a 4 out of 5 stars.

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