More of the Jurassic World Site Released!

So, we learned that the countdown that we first saw on this webpage wasn’t only for the movie trailer, it was also a countdown to the opening of the park’s website, in addition to the Masrani Global company page. It’s a really cool site, you should check it out, browse around, click on all the links. Not all of the links work yet though, still to come I guess, but there’s still some pretty cool stuff on there.

My favorite so far I think is the quote “Don’t let the rain scare you off, whatever’s falling from the sky, Jurassic World raincoats will protect you.” I was like, YEAH RIGHT! That’s how it’s all going to start! Don’t you know that rain is the signal in every movie and story that bad things are starting to happen!?

There’s a linT-rexk to a page that has all of the dinosaurs that will be in the park/movie (I hope), only 3 are available to look at so far, more to come, but what’s interesting is that the T-Rex is the same one from the first movie!

How do I know you ask? Well you can tell because it has those slash marks across the side of it’s neck from the final Velociraptor fight at the end of the first movie, how cool is that? You can guess that’ll make Jurassic Park fans salivate! I hope there’s an awesome battle somewhere in this movie!

t-rex fight
Remember this awesome final battle? So good! Also, I think this freeze frame is mirrored, so don’t mind that it’s the opposite side from the picture above.


It’s also pretty sweet that it gets it’s own area of the park, called Tyrannosaur Kingdom, cool name because Rex means ‘King’ in latin.

t-rex kingdom

On another interesting note, that page doesn’t seem to brag about that genetically modified dinosaur that we’ve been hearing so much about, maybe they haven’t released that dinosaur to the public yet, so to speak.

Also, no Velociraptor or Spinosaurus, which is interesting because there’s Velociraptors in the trailer, and the skull fossil that is in the website’s pictures is of a Spinosaurus. Did they decide to get rid of those dinosaurs as attractions? Or maybe that’s still another piece that will be revealed on the site with time. I hate waiting.

Well anyway, there’s plenty to scroll through on that page, with many more links and information to come in due time, so go lurk around the site!

Let me know if you find anything else interesting!

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