Indominus Rex

Something new has just been added to the Jurassic World website! An ad for the Indominus Rex, who will be the new villain dinosaur. It says that the attraction will open this summer, which is when the film will be released, so I’m assuming that the movie will be about the opening of that new attraction. The tagline for the attraction reads “Bigger. Louder. More Teeth.” I get excited every time a new tidbit is released, so you can count on me to keep you up to date on all Jurassic World news. Also, if you plan on watching the Superbowl, keep an eye out for the new trailer! If you miss it or don’t care about either team in the Superbowl, I’m sure the trailer will be all over the internet, so don’t worry about that!

Check out the link below to see more about the new Indominus Rex!


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