Avengers: Age of Ultron Review

Well that was quite an action packed 2 and a half hours!

It was a great follow up to the first film. This might be considered a little sacrilegious but I almost liked it more than the first one! Don’t tell anyone though!

Now before you click away in disgust, the reason why I kind of liked Age of Ultron more is this: I felt that Ultron was a better foe than Loki, and while the first film dealt more with the team forming and figuring out how to fight together, the second one was more about the actual fighting, so they were already a team. I guess you could kind of compare it to Lord of the Rings, how the first one was good, but the second was better because they were already together on the journey, but that’s just my opinion.


I liked Ultron more because he was smarter than Loki was. He had a better plan, a more sinister plan. Loki just wanted to rule over everyone, while Ultron wanted to annihilate the human race and start over with a more advanced life form. I thought the robots were super scary too.

I also liked the subplot of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, how they started out evil, than when they realized what Ultron’s real plan was, they switched to The Avenger’s side. I always like a good ol’ redemption story.

iron man

It was a fun watch, the action was good, great special effects, good acting, James Spader‘s voice was awesome, he makes a great villain!

Whether you agree with me or not, It was an enjoyable movie, go see it!

I rate this movie: GO SEE IT!

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