Mad Max: Fury Road Review

mad maxHoly crap, that was intense!

About five minutes into the movie I leaned over to my friend and said “This is going to be stressful.” And stressful it was!

The bad guys never stopped! There were always more of them! But it was a pretty awesome movie, quite the spectacle! There were enough explosions and car crash scenes to make another Michael Bay trilogy!


It was a really awesome film though. I’ve only seen the first Mad Max, from 1979, with Mel Gibson, like once, and it was a long time ago. Lucky me though I just got it mailed to me from Netflix today, so I’ll watch it soon to see if there were any references from the original. I heard that it’s the same boss villain, Immortan Joe, who is disgusting! He’s so gross! Although there is a very satisfying end to his tyranny.

Immortan Joe

As for Tom Hardy, he did a great job. The film starts with him getting captured by Immortan Joe’s warriors, I guess you could call them that, and it fast forwards a little bit to him trying to escape, but failing and being recaptured. Once he does get free, he only talks in grunts and gestures, since his face has been covered with a metal mouthguard that looks like it’s been forged out of a shovel. Once he warms up to his new band of fugitives, and they warm up to him, he starts acting like a human-being again, well, sort of.


So, if you don’t know, the movie is set in the not-too-distant future, a post-apocalyptic desert wasteland. Immortan Joe is the king over the Citadel, one of the last civilizations remaining. One of the main reasons he’s in power…unlimited water. But when Charlize Theron takes the only resource more valuable to him than water, he stops at nothing to get it back. I won’t go too much more into detail, just know that there’s tons and tons of explosives, cool modified cars, and many bad guys dying brutally. This is definitely a movie to watch in the theaters.








Immortan Joe’s car. They better not have ruined two real 1959 Cadillacs for this…








The verdict:

thumbs up mac
Go See It Right Now!


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