Bad News for Suicide Squad

Bad News for Suicide Squad!

Suicide Squad, the much anticipated DC movie about a group of supervillains tasked with saving the world, comes out this weekend, and so far the reviews are horrible.

I was expecting maybe a mid-70’s or even 80% rating, but nope, currently it has a 26% rating from critics on rotten tomatoes. However, users are giving it a solid 74% so far, so maybe it’s just the critics, maybe they have a little bit of a Marvel bias, but whatever the case, I think it looks like a fun ride.

Are you going to see it this weekend? Leave your reviews in the comments section!

3 thoughts on “Bad News for Suicide Squad

  1. I still think it sounds like fun, but maybe the movie is a mess of fun and that’s why critics can’t just enjoy it. Idk about the Marvel bias when the Dark Knight series had such high reviews….

  2. It was absolutely terrible. Maybe because my husband and I just saw Jason Bourne, which was a quality movie, but this one hurt to watch. I would explain to you in detail the horror of every aspect of the film, but it would take more of my time than the movie deserves. Don’t waste your money.

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