New “It” Trailer Released!

A new trailer for the remake of Stephen King’s classic novel “It” was just released, take a look if you dare!

It” is about an inter-dimensional predatory shapeshifter which has the ability to transform itself into its prey’s worst fears, allowing it to exploit the phobias of its victims. It’s one of Stephen King‘s best, and longest novels, finishing at around 1,100 pages. This will be part 1 of a 2-part series, so they’ll be able to fit a good portion of the novel into a roughly 4 hour film. The original film was a made-for-TV two-part, 4 hour, miniseries that aired on ABC in 1990. If you’re afraid of clowns, this book and movie are probably to blame, even though the movie isn’t scary by today’s standards, the special effects are very dated, take a look at one of the original trailers from 1990.

But the new trailer looks much more scary!

Pennywise the Clown” was originally played by Tim Curry, who did a great job, but we’ll see how Bill Skarsgård stacks up against the renowned actor. Finn Wolfhard who played Mike in Stranger Things is also in it, which I’m really excited about, that kid is a great actor! It’s also being directed by Andrés Muschietti who did the horror film Mama from 2013.

What do you think? Will you see it?

It comes out on September 8th of this year.

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