Sorry, Joe


“Drastic situations call for drastic measures.” – Hippocrates

Sorry, Joe, you’re probably a nice guy, but the last thing we need right now from the Democratic Party is lukewarm, watered-down, neo-liberal, status quo keeper!

I can’t criticize him for his age or ethnicity because I’m a Bernie fan, but we need someone who will rock the boat and take back everything from Trump.

Republicans have consistently pulled the centrist line to the right ever since Reagan, and status quo, neo-liberals have been pulled along with it, losing their New Deal ideology. Status quo ideology and anti-Trump policies won’t cut it, we need someone with new “radical” ideas like Medicare for all and tuition-free college. People are hurting and discouraged. Small incremental changes aren’t enough. Trumpism needs to be uprooted and destroyed, mild rebuttals simply won’t do.

Bernie and Warren have the best, most thought out positions and policy ideas, no one else comes close. We need someone willing to stand up to fossil fuels and the oil industry, the war machine, big pharma and the medical insurance industry, big banks and dark money in politics and predatory loan practices.

We also need someone with empathy for young people and their struggles. Someone who will think about the future and counter-act Trump and the Republican party’s obsession with the present and disregard for the future, qualmmit!

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