What I Want to See Candidates Support in 2020

  Here are some issues that I want to see talked about and supported by the 2020 candidates as well as congress: Embrace of the Green New Deal. The top 1% and corporations taxed highly, AOC's idea of 70% above $10,000,000 is a good start. (For reference, during the 1950's, while the country was doing … Continue reading What I Want to See Candidates Support in 2020

What’s a Millennial?

What is a Millennial, anyway? I've seen a lot of articles recently, mostly written by Baby-Boomers who seem to confuse Millennials with other generations, so let me qualm and explain who and what Millennials are. Millennials are people born between the mid-1980's and the mid-90's, they grew up while computers, the internet and cell phones … Continue reading What’s a Millennial?