What I Want to See Candidates Support in 2020


2020 candidates

Here are some issues that I want to see talked about and supported by the 2020 candidates as well as congress:

  • Embrace of the Green New Deal.
  • The top 1% and corporations taxed highly, AOC’s idea of 70% above $10,000,000 is a good start. (For reference, during the 1950’s, while the country was doing great after WWII and expanding infrastructure, the top tax rate was 90%!).
  • We MUST phase out oil and coal and start using renewable energy, like electric, solar and wind, our planet depends on it. There can also be programs for people in the coal and oil industries for job training in renewable energy.
  • Push to make semi-trucks, buses and other large work vehicles hybrids, and eventually fully electric.
  • Major improvements to infrastructure, including nationwide system of bullet trains and light rails.
  • Guaranteed right to clean water, solving Flint’s water crisis.
  • Discussion about universal basic income as an option.
  • Universal healthcare is a huge one, everyone’s talking about it. Now it matters who is bold enough to take on Big Pharma.
  • Reinstatement of the FCC Fairness Doctrine.
  • I want to see Election Day made a holiday and moved to a Saturday so more people could vote without having to take work off.
  • Ending gerrymandering nationwide.
  • Congressional term limits for Representatives and Senators.
  • I want to see big money removed from politics and Citizens United overturned.
  • I want to see big banks regulated more to avoid another financial crash.
  • Stronger anti-trust and anti-monopoly enforcement, breaking up big banks, big entertainment and big farming companies.
  • $15 minimum wage with regulations on big companies so they can’t replace people with machines, automation, and robots. Regulations on how much companies can raise prices in retaliation to higher wages.
  • Nationwide rent control.
  • Tuition free higher education and cancellation of national student debt.
  • Universal pre-K programs.
  • Public school funding system changed, no longer funded through local property taxes, all funded equally.
  • Higher pay for teachers, more money for education.
  • Guaranteed Maternal and Paternal paid time off.
  • Ending the extremely corrupt private prison system, closing all of them.
  • Prison reform, geared towards mental health and rehabilitation as opposed to locking people away.
  • Legalizing marijuana and expunging criminal records for possession.
  • Reparations for African Americans.
  • Immigration reform, including making it easier to become a citizen and obtain work visas. Complete amnesty and legalization of all current immigrants residing in US.
  • ICE abolished.
  • Reunification of families separated at the border by Trump.
  • Cut military spending, put money into infrastructure and education instead.
  • More funds for the VA, including mental health.
  • Assault weapons ban and kicking out the NRA from government.
  • Stronger background checks for guns.
  • Statehood for Puerto Rico, D.C. and other territories that have no representation in congress.
  • New approach to Israel/Palestine conflict.

What are some of yours?

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