Why I Think Some People Like Trump

So this is a big qualm of mine, why in the world would anyone support or like Trump!?! He's abrasive, racist, misogynistic, uncontrolled, uneducated, unprepared for his role as President, and seemingly uninterested in growing and improving as President. I mean, these qualities alone should have prevented him from becoming President in the first place, … Continue reading Why I Think Some People Like Trump

Feelin’ the Bern!

Are you feelin' the Bern? I know I'm feelin' the Bern! Bernie Sanders just announced his campaign for the Democratic Presidential nominee for 2020 this week! Pretty much everyone saw this coming though, wasn't really a surprise. I think he's great; love his ideas, his passion, his unwavering morals and his concern for millennials and … Continue reading Feelin’ the Bern!