Why I Think Some People Like Trump


So this is a big qualm of mine, why in the world would anyone support or like Trump!?!

He’s abrasive, racist, misogynistic, uncontrolled, uneducated, unprepared for his role as President, and seemingly uninterested in growing and improving as President. I mean, these qualities alone should have prevented him from becoming President in the first place, but how did he win!? I have a few theories…



First, I believe that his supporters stand by him so religiously because they see themselves in him. After 8 years of a smart, well-spoken black man as President, Trump is somewhat of a breath of fresh air to them, (Obviously not to anyone else). First of all, there’s some serious racism behind that notion, but Trump also represents the white, male, conservative, “Christian” response to the sentiment that white America is losing it’s power and grip on this country. First, it started with abolition, then voting rights and desegregation, all culminating in a black President telling white people what to do. White conservative men’s biggest fear is losing power and having people of color that speak different languages and believe in different religions tell them what to do. I believe that Trump embodies their fight over this, and he plays into their fears and takes advantage of it and exaggerates them. The ironic thing is that I believe Trump will be the end of their fight, he will destroy whatever leverage they had, and will drive the GOP over the cliff of irrelevancy for the next few generations. He also embodies their desire to say whatever they want, especially if it’s racist or misogynistic, without any consequences. “He says whatever is on his mind”. That’s horrible. I don’t want a President who says whatever is on his mind, I want someone who thinks before they speak, who is calculated and uses their words wisely, not some loud-mouthed buffoon!



His anti-Obama, anti-Hillary, anti-Democrat attitude bumps him up a few notches in their minds. Republicans have been brainwashed into hating Obama and Hillary by Fox “news” and conservative radio hosts, bent on destroying Obama’s legacy in an attempt to prevent another black Democrat or a female from becoming President. Republicans want any excuse to hate Obama, and Trump is their excuse. Trump will use anything, especially unverified and made-up stories and conspiracies about him to tarnish his legacy.

Trump has created a cult around himself, cutting off anyone, even Republicans, who don’t blindly follow him or dare to criticize him. It’s an easy way to make sure people don’t question your authority, motives or even how you came to power. He forces people to pledge allegiance to him or suffer political exile.



He uses terms like “fake news” to cast doubt and ridicule any information or story about him that he doesn’t like or casts him in a bad light. This enables his followers to also reject any negative news or information about him, so they can go on ignorantly supporting him and pretending that he’s perfect, which also plays into his cult of personality.

He’s “anti-establishment”. This is a funny one. He’s always added his opinion and chimed in about government, politics and foreign policy, typically criticizing Democrats. But somehow, he’s marketed himself as an outsider, and anti-establishment, wanting to “drain the swamp”. It’s very ironic considering that he’s brought in many “establishment” people into his administration, including Wall Street and banking CEO’s such as Steven Mnuchin (A former OneWest Bank CEO) as Secretary of the Treasury, Rex Tillerson (Former ExxonMobil CEO) as Secretary of State, Wilbur Ross (Banker) as the Secretary of Commerce, Betsy DeVos (Trump campaign donor with no experience in education) as Secretary of Education, and one of the worst, Andrew Wheeler (Former coal lobbyist) as the Administrator of the EPA. If that’s not what a swamp looks like, then I don’t know what does!



He’s a rich “businessman”, or as I call him, a we-don’t-know-how-rich-he-is-because-he-won’t-release-his-tax-returns con-man. He’s convinced poor, white, uneducated men that he knows business, that he knows how to make great deals, and that he can lower the horrible, evil deficit that Republicans always talk about. It’s too bad that he isn’t good at any of those things. He’s a horrible businessman because he’s secretly just a con-man bully that inherited enough money from his dad to do whatever he wants. It’s pretty clear now that he doesn’t know how to negotiate well when he doesn’t hold 100% of the power in the room, like he did when he was a private citizen, defending himself in court or paying people off. I just truly don’t understand how people can buy any of this from him, he’s had 6 bankruptcies!

He’s “Christian”. This is a doozy! One of the things that Republicans were whipped into a frenzy over was their disbelief that Obama was a Christian. He’s said it multiple times, but his critics still accuse him of being Muslim. Then Trump comes along, clearly not Christian, even says that he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness from God, he said “I don’t bring God into that picture.” YouTube video: I don’t bring God into that picture (Fast forward to 1:10). It baffles my mind the lengths that Republicans will go to defend this man! I mean, just look at his life, married 3 times, cheated on each of his wives, extremely corrupt and constantly lies, and he says that he doesn’t need to ask for forgiveness! It’s as clear as day, but the veils that he’s placed over his followers’ eyes are pretty thick.



And finally, he’s convinced them that he’s a true conservative, which most of us know isn’t true. He was registered as a Democrat for a long time, up until 1987, then again during the W. Bush administration. The thing is, Trump has no convictions. He doesn’t have solid policy ideas because he has no moral convictions. He goes with wherever the wind is blowing, or whatever he needs to do to win in the moment. Christian? Yes, because my followers cheer when I say that. Building a wall? Yes, because my followers cheer when I say that. Drain the swamp? See where I’m going with this? He’ll say or do whatever it takes to keep his supporters on his side, even if it means eventual failure when he doesn’t live up to his own promises or loses in 2020 because he was so focused on his base and not the rest of the country. Remember when he mentioned the idea of taking away people’s guns and then investigating whether they would be a threat or not? All of this after Trump had campaigned on not taking away people’s second amendment rights? I do! Here it is! YouTube video: Take away guns first.

Well, those are my qualms, at least some of them, what do you think?

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