The End of American Christianity?

I think it's here guys, finally, the end of American Christianity...possibly. I just don't understand how someone could be okay with this! If this isn't the perfect analogy for the current state of the American evangelical movement, I don't know what is. They've traded the love and compassion of Jesus for the lust for power … Continue reading The End of American Christianity?


Here are my qualms with the option of impeachment right now, I'll tell them through various scenarios: Scenario 1: The House moves forward with impeachment, it passes, moves on to the Senate and fails, Trump will brag about it and Democrats might suffer in 2020 for going in too strong, like the Clinton impeachment in … Continue reading Impeachment?

Why I Think Some People Like Trump

So this is a big qualm of mine, why in the world would anyone support or like Trump!?! He's abrasive, racist, misogynistic, uncontrolled, uneducated, unprepared for his role as President, and seemingly uninterested in growing and improving as President. I mean, these qualities alone should have prevented him from becoming President in the first place, … Continue reading Why I Think Some People Like Trump