Here are my qualms with the option of impeachment right now, I’ll tell them through various scenarios:

Scenario 1: The House moves forward with impeachment, it passes, moves on to the Senate and fails, Trump will brag about it and Democrats might suffer in 2020 for going in too strong, like the Clinton impeachment in the late 90’s. Not great!



Scenario 2: New huge revelations about Trump come out and impeachment moves through both the House and Senate, effectively impeaching Trump. Don’t be fooled though, he’ll never leave easily, he’ll make a huge fuss, possibly even try to incite violence on his behalf. Also, on top of that, Mike Pence would become president, and that in and of itself would be devastating! He’s much more ideologically extreme and actually has convictions of his own, and there’s no telling how much damage he could do, even if he’s in office for less than a year. On top of that, I think he is much more re-electable than Trump, effectively handing the 2020 election to Pence, that is if the Democrats pick a poor nominee, which is never beneath them! Not great!

Scenario 3: Impeachment talk heats up and possibly moves through the House, Trump’s inner circle gets scared and encourages him to resign like Nixon, he does and leaves office in disgrace, much better, but we still end up with Mike Pence, possibly with the same ending as scenario 2. Still not that great!



Scenario 4: The House and Senate do nothing and Trump finishes his full term, but goes crazy and won’t leave office without a fight, creating conspiracy theories around the election and trying to nullify the results. Major protests and sit-ins would be necessary at that point, hopefully he’ll listen then, like they did in South Korea a few years ago. Better option!

Scenario 5: The House and Senate do nothing and Trump gets re-elected in 2020, the worst!

Scenario 6: The House and Senate do nothing but Trump loses in 2020 and leaves quietly, and whoever the Democratic nominee is wins and fixes everything and we all live happily ever after! The best!



So I’m not sure which scenario I prefer, obviously scenario 6, but I’d say 1 or 4 are probably the most likely. Republicans will never actually stand up to Trump, he’s effectively taken total control of the party, and they will defend him to the ends of the Earth, as we just saw during the Cohen hearings yesterday. Instead of questioning him about what he knows and wanting to find out the truth, they decided to attack his character to hurt his testimony, exactly what Trump does when he yells “Fake news!” or calls people names, they’re taking it straight out of Trump’s playbook. So shady! Hope they all go down with this ship, bye old white dinosaurs!



What do you think will happen? What’s your favorite scenario?

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