What Happened to The Simpsons?


I have a few qualms about  The Simpsons, what happened to them? It used to be so good!

I guess after 29 seasons it would be hard to come up with original plots and jokes, so I won’t be too hard on them.

My favorite seasons were 3-13, then starting midway through 14 it started going downhill when they started focusing on The Simpsons Movie. I watched religiously up to about season 16, then I left for college and stopped watching altogether.

They have the current season on Hulu, and if you have a cable subscription you can go on fxx.com and watch every episode ever. I’ve watched a few episodes here and there from the past few seasons, but they aren’t very good. A few chuckles per episode, nothing like the older seasons where I’d be laughing out loud the whole episode.

I have the DVD’s up until season 13, so I go back and watch those occasionally, it still brings me joy!

What were your favorite seasons?

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