Jurassic World Breaks Records!

This is pretty crazy, but Jurassic World just set the record for the biggest box office release of all time! The weekend isn't even over yet and the film has already grossed $500M worldwide! That's insane! That's bigger than any movie ever released! This movie is definitely on its way to $1B easy, I predict … Continue reading Jurassic World Breaks Records!

New Jurassic World Trailer Released!

It's here! And it's bigger than ever! The new trailer has just been released on YouTube and it's pretty epic! http://youtu.be/aJJrkyHas78 We finally get to see a small glimpse of the T-Rex! You can see her head just barely as she eats a goat, a nod to the first film. Also, can we talk about … Continue reading New Jurassic World Trailer Released!