Star Wars Breaks Box Office Records Already!

Wow, so remember when Jurassic World came out in June and broke a bunch of box office records? Like highest grossing opening weekend and fastest to $1B? Well Star Wars just broke both of those records, and more. It had a $248 million opening weekend in the US, where Jurassic World broke the record and hit $208 million back in June, and $529 million worldwide while Jurassic World made a measly $524 million! Star Wars has already surpassed $1B and now sits at $1.16B, so crazy, I definitely predicted this at the beginning of the year, which was not an absurd prediction to begin with. Here’s my post from the beginning of the year with box office predictions, I was pretty close on a lot of them, Box Office Predictions.

I could see Star Wars easily passing Jurassic World’s $1.6B and taking over spot #3 on the list of highest grossing films ever made, maybe even dethroning Titanic! I predict that by the time Star Wars leaves theaters in a few months it will hit $1.75B, what do you think?

If you want to see the extensive list of the records Star Wars has broken, here’s the Wiki page.

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