Star Wars Just Broke Another Record!

Wow, Star Wars just keep racking up those points!

It was just announced today that Star Wars just broke the record for the highest grossing film in North America, unadjusted for inflation, of course, a record which was previously held by Avatar. Star Wars has made $750M so far, and back in 2009 Avatar made about $749M, but adjusted for inflation Avatar is more like $840M, but I think Star Wars could make up that $100M by the time it leaves theaters.

Star Wars is sitting nicely at $1.57B worldwide, just $100M short of Jurassic World, but it could easily make that up, and on top of that it’s finally being released in China this weekend, so it’ll blow Jurassic World away at the box office, sorry Chris Pratt, maybe Jurassic World 2 will come back swinging!

Here is a link to the Wikipedia page if you want to know more! Box Office List

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